Sunday, 30 July 2017

No bed to rest my head

A word of caution to anyone in the Lambeth area using a one-man-and-a-van service. About a month ago I needed to store a bed in storage unit for a few weeks. On being given a couple of phone contacts to deal with the removal from home to unit I chose Quin Removals, for no other reason than it was the first name on a short list given to me by the storage company.
Moving my bed into storage went fine. A few weeks later I called the same company and arranged a pick-up date, basically asking them to carry out the task in reverse - from storage back to my home. Fine, Quin Removals agreed to take on the job on a given date at the appointed time. 
At the time I was careful to stress the importance of the timing; that it was crucial that the task be carried out on the appointed day as I needed a bed to sleep on. No problems, consider it done was the response I received from the removal guy.
On Monday the bariatric bed was removed, at around midday, after which I emailed Quin Removals to confirm their side of the operation. A few minutes later, this was around 12.30pm, the owner of the company emailed me that he was in Switzerland, there was a problem with his truck, he might be able to fit me in on Friday...oh yes, and that he was stressed out.
Great. There I was facing a large space on which a bed of some description once filled which was now occupied by... nothing. It was only as I stared into the vast void of emptiness that a scary realisation dawned upon me. I was officially bedless. 
Of course that's not the end of the world, I can hear you say. You've still got a roof over your head; and a locked door to ward off external evils. Points I cannot in all honesty deny.
The floor as a bed is not an alien experience to me. Over a varied and multi-faceted life I've found myself in worse sleeping predicaments. Indeed, during my wild licentious youth and early manhood I've woken on and in places that make me blush today. And I'd sooner forget the somebodies I've woken up next to - feelings doubtlessly reciprocated by my erstwhile sleeping partners.
Anyway, before I go wandering too far down my dark and murky yesteryears, disturbing memories best left interred, a word of warning to anyone out there looking to use a small removals company in South London, don't use Quin Removals. They'll let you down, and before you know it you'll be baring your threadbare soul on social media and thus disturbing ghosts best left sleeping in the dusty vaults and seldom visited recesses memories past.

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