Friday, 4 August 2017

Prince Philip, rude racist royal

Prince Philip is said to put his foot in his mouth with his comments. They are held up as tactless. I disagree. Being tactless suggests to me lacking tact or sensitivity, as though through difficulty.

Prince Philip was never tactless. No, he has simply never given a fuck what he says and to whom the remarks are levelled. He's an arrogant man who has used his position to talk down to people for decades. His behaviour is a form of bullying, as he knows full well he can say what he wants, while those he abuses, racially or otherwise, don't have the right to reply.

Is it then surprising when we hear the sychophant Boris Johnson toadying up to and extolling this exponent of royal racism and rudeness as: "One of the last great impregnable bastions of political incorrectness.”

Prince Philip exemplifies all that is wrong with royalty. His privileged life has endowed upon him a sense of entitlement that has allowed him to say what he wants, to whom he wants, and when he wants, regardless of the feelings, social standing or cultural sensitivities of those he insults.

Philip is a relic from an age that demanded and received deference as the right of royals. Sadly, this anachronistic institution will continue, as it is necessary in order to perpetuate our class system; and for this reason it needs the likes of Boris Johnson for support.

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