Monday, 7 August 2017

Strange Sleep Actions

Do an of my FB friends or Blog readers experience their body falling to sleep while the brain remains awake?

For a few years I've experienced this weird phenomenon. This is what happens. During the night, I get up to pee a lot. Between every 50-70 minutes my bladder drags me from the arms of Morpheus to release water. After peeing I sit on the edge of my bed to psych myself up to lie down – as lying down is a very painful action.

At some point as I sit, delaying the inevitable, I nod off. Most times I'm rudely awakened just as I nod off – often dropping my Kindle. At other times I'm asleep, but my mind is functioning in its awakened mode. My thoughts are sluggish, yet I am conscious.

Though conscious, my body refuses to obey instructions from the brain; I’m unable to perform voluntary body movements. At this point I know that I will keel over. In order to secure a soft landing, anywhere on the bed, I attempt aversive action by reaching for, and holding onto the grab at the side of the bed.

Nothing. My arm stubbornly refuses to budge. Panic ensues. As my upper body begins to sway, I attempt to influence its direction of movement.

Nothing. My upper body continues to sway.



The fall can result in either a fairly painful landing on the soft bed; or, an extremely painful floor landing.

By this time, I'm fully awake, though maybe stunned.

Have any of you experienced the body sleeping while the brain, or mind, is completely conscious?

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