Sunday, 6 August 2017

Authorities create greater barriers for disabled wheelchair users

Lilford Road is a nearby backstreet. A few minutes from my home it runs through to Coldharbour Lane and for me it's a shortcut to Kings College Hospital and to Myatts Field Park, places I regularly attend.

Lilford Road isn't particularly accessible for wheelchair users. But then there are access problems on most street surfaces and pedestrian spaces in Lambeth, and London. Yet despite this I was able to access Lilford for its entire length in my electric wheelchair.

Not so now. No, during recent pavement and kerb maintenance by Lambeth Council or the Highways Dpt. it was decided to dispense with properly graded dropped kerbs. Replacing these they've decided to follow the School of Brutal Pavement Design by chucking a few shovelfuls of 'Tar' McAdam's best mix up against the kerb.

These tarmaced short steep inclines make it hazardous for wheelchair users as they create a tipping point  Therefore, I am now forced to use the road itself, not a safe way for me to travel.  

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