Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Parking Problems

Parking’s a nightmare in Lambeth; and, a Blue Badge is no guarantee of a parking place, either – so much for disability perks!

Last Friday I went along to Brockwell Park for a session on a handcycle. Arriving at the carpark in the park we were disappointed to find no parking places available; the place was as full as a City banker’s wallet after bail-out.

Having to park a fair distance away we made our way back, with a great deal of difficulty on poor pavements, back to the park. Just for curiosity’s sake, and because I’m an awkward so-and-so, I asked my PA to check the cars parked in the half-a-dozen disabled bays for Blue Badges.

One car displayed a Blue Badge. One! Well, that didn’t do too much to improve my mood; but, when I tried to get out of the carpark and into the lido I found another inconsiderate motorist had parked blocking the dropped kerb.

Great; not content in nicking our bays they’re also blocking our way into the park’s facilities – a more cynical person might think these people are uncaring; that they have little or no regard for the plight of disabled people – not me; no, I just put it down to good old-fashioned ‘I-couldn’t-care-less-ness’.

Eventually, I got into the lido. No luck there. Apparently, they’re bombarded with complaints of disability parking bay abuse; and, they point out, politely I must say, that the carpark is not their responsibility, but rather a matter to be taken up with the Park Rangers – I was expecting, at this point, a bunch of YEE HAWING men on steeds to come to my rescue...they didn’t.

I must offer my thanks to the lido receptionist who was very helpful and friendly as she took the time to search out the relevant contact details for me.

Rather than let the incident go I wrote to Lambeth on my return. After taking a somewhat circuitous route my complaint is now being looked into by Councillor Lorna Campbell; and, I’m hoping that this abuse of disabled facilities can be brought to an end.

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