Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Wheels for Wellbeing

Quite recently I learned about Wheels for Wellbeing. Wheels for Wellbeing is an organisation that operates in Croydon and Lambeth hiring out a variety of cycles to people of differing abilities to ride. The activities take place at Croydon Sports Track and on an old cinder/ash playing field in Brockwell Park.

The scheme has been going for some time and is a really good way for, especially disabled, people to try out a variety of different types of cycle. My personal choice – though with my disabilities not much of a choice really – is one of their upright handcycles.

This piece of equipment is, essentially, a wheelchair hooked up to a front wheel (the handcycle) which incorporates gears, a chain and hand ‘pedals’. The particular cycle used by WfW is this hybrid kind; however, all-in-one handcycles also produced which are typically recumbent or upright; and, an upright one can be bought for under £1,000.

WfW provides a wide range of bikes that can be hired out for £3 per session – usually around 2-2½ hours. There are various designs of tricycle available; there are an amazing variety of tandems for use; and, even cycles that will hold and propel a wheelchair.

For my part Wheels for Wellbeing gets a big thumbs-up. The staff, Dominic, and volunteers are extremely helpful; as they help people with varying disabilities to enjoy and participate in the ‘mysteries’ of cycling.

Well done Dom and Co!

May I suggest if you’re able to pop down to Croydon on a Tuesday or over to Brockwell Park on a Friday do so; and, enjoy the delights of two, three or four wheels.

Here is their link: http://www.wheelsforwellbeing.org.uk/index.php/cycling_for_all


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