Friday, 17 September 2010

Unite Nominations

“But it is believed that McCluskey is way out in front with around 700, while Jerry and Bayliss are on a similar number of over 100.

“Considering the way that the machines of Bayliss and McCluskey moved against us, the amount of nominations for my campaign is remarkable,” said Jerry.”

Well done Jerry in getting over 100 nominations.

However, considering Jerry Hicks was out campaigning a year before McCluskey; and, that Jerry was able to devote all his time to the campaign, it isn’t that remarkable.

As for the ‘machine’ McCluskey moved against Hicks; considering this is predominantly made up of lay activists I’m unsure of the point that Jerry is trying to make. Hicks’ supporters tell us constantly that he has the support of the rank-and-file; if this is the case, there is no bigger machine in Unite.

Once again, well done, Jerry; and, if you can do as well in the election as the nominations you’ll have done well.

I received a couple of unsolicited mailings from Bayliss; but, I’ve thrown them away, as I understood we weren’t going to bother with reporting this candidate for that or the other one for the other.

Personally, I believe McCluskey can win without us having to report Bayliss for breaking the rules. McCluskey can win the election in the same way he won the most nominations; and, that is with his machine of lay activists getting out in the mornings and evenings outside factories, bus depots, car plants, offices, banks, building sites, docks and wherever Unite has members to push the vote.

It won’t be easy, it wasn’t easy when we got Woodley elected, both for the DGS and GS positions; however, determined lay activists did the business on those occasions; and, I’m sure with a lot of hard work we can do it again, for Len, without bothering the return officer.

As Tom has stated, taking such actions could prove counterproductive. Let’s win this election on the arguments and the credibility of our candidate. Bayliss may not be down and out; but, he’s certainly doing himself no favours with the company he’s decided to run with and his views certainly don’t chime with great swathes of our members who are looking for leaders willing to fight, not bureaucrats who throw their lot in with the enemy’s press.


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