Friday, 3 December 2010

Come on in WUG - no, not you Davison!

Whether or not it’s true that Bayliss is now wearing a ginger wig and taking lessons in Scouse we shouldn’t be too hard on all those misguided souls who split with the UL and followed Steve Davison into that pathetic lash-up the Workers Uniting Group – WUG.

WUG, such an onomatopoeic word; indeed, a group thrown-up, spewed forth, by that unholy triumvirate of Simpson, Bayliss and Davison. WUG would appear now to be disbanded and looking for a new home. Let’s by all means talk to the rank-and-filers. But, under no circumstances should we have any dealings with the rat Davison. Just as the old T&G BL would have no truck with Aitkin; so, the new UL shouldn’t touch, the damaged goods, Davison with a barge pole.

Yes, Lennie is the unity candidate; the extent of his vote and collapse of the Bayliss vote proves this. However, the UL cannot allow its ranks to be sullied with the likes of Davison who throughout the whole building of Unite has acted as Simpson’s hatchet man promoting and supporting every reactionary and backward action to slow down the progress of our great union.

It was a sorry day for Unite when the Left broke discipline and allowed Davison to take the position of Vice Chair. The past is the past; so, let’s remember the mistakes of yesterday and move on. However, in remembering we must ensure that Davison, if returned to the Executive, isn’t in a position to make any demands. This means we must isolate him and his kind from positions of power. Never again should the forces of reaction and self-interest be given any platform within the highest lay offices of Unite the Union.


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