Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Suppress Hoi Poloi

Water canon is too slow, but a plentiful supply of cheap hosepipes could be connected to taps and placed at the ready near upper windows. It would not take many police to spray the heads and feet of an approaching mob, who could avoid getting wet by going away peacefully.” The words of a reactionary who believes the state has the right to suppress all forms of protest.

Yes, why waste water on this rabble when bullets would be more effective. Kettle hoi poloi into the lumpen mass they profess to be and frog-march, or goose-step, whichever fascistic mode suits, them into the football stadia that proliferate our fair country.

Have a chat to Margaret Thatcher, I’m sure she and the butcher Pinochet enjoyed many a fireside chat about the good old days about Chile in the 1970s; when the Santiago football grounds resounded to the screams of tortured prisoners; while the political disappeared vanished from all but the hearts and memories of their families and loved ones. Maggie’ll pass on some tips on dealing with political unrest to her heirs.

Ian Tomlinson tried to walk away peacefully in April last year, as I recall; didn’t stop a policeman attacking him with quite serious results. Jean Charles de Menzes I’m informed was so busy acting peacefully it needed seven bullets just to make sure.

How many policemen does it take to kill an innocent man? None...As there are no innocent men!

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