Wednesday, 15 December 2010

We can afford to look after disabled and elderly people

There is not enough money to meet the legitimate care needs of severly disabled people, nor to pay for a human rights standard for people in geriatric hospitals and care home.” Complains another dupe.

Yes there is enough money to meet the needs of disabled and elderly people. The problem is, you and others like you, have been duped into believing that our economy can only be saved by the dismantling of our welfare state. Ten-out-of-ten for this Tory junta’s ability to disseminate the great lie that disabled people and public sector workers are somehow responsible for the current deficit.

It was the bankers, not roads sweepers or disability care assistants that caused our present plight; and, it should be there that the government begins its squeeze. But of course such a proposal is preposterous; why would a Tory government turn on its own kind; it’d be akin to the LibDems voting for a massive hike in tuition fees - tantamount to political suicide (tee hee hee; wave goodbye to the LibDems as they pass us by in the tumbrel of political expediency heading [no pun intended] towards the guillotine of political oblivion).

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