Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Counter Rumours

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve heard rumour piled upon rumour, for the most part negative, about the TUC’s organisation of the 26th March event. The TUC has capitulated to the Met and consequently all coaches will be forced to terminate at Wembley; there will be no signers at the Hyde Park rally; no provision for disabled people who cannot march has been made.

The complaints I’m hearing are via the Internet. All the complainants know this is a TUC-run event; yet too many of them are simply refusing to refer to the TUC website, a resource which is updated on a daily basis; no, they appear more content in disseminating rumours which serve only to put other disabled people off attending.

Criticism is legitimate. As someone involved in the disability movement for the past 20-years I’ve become fairly adept in the art of criticism myself. Unfortunately, I’ve also been guilty of shooting the messenger before they’ve managed to deliver the message on more than one occasion.

On appraisal of such situations I realise my reactions make me look both petulant and unreasonable. Thus, I try to take a step back these days and at the very least give the other guy a hearing before I go in all guns blasting – alas all too often after listening to the other side I’m critical of what’s on offer; but, I’ve given the guy the benefit of the doubt.

Yes, the TUC is on a learning curve; you know what, anyone or any organisation that isn’t on a learning curve isn’t really doing too much of anything. The most important point is that the TUC is listening and consulting with disabled people for this event.

Again, if people have ideas or issues about the march can I suggest they contact the TUC at by March 14th. For up-to-date information go to

If countering unconfirmed rumours is patronising, then I’m guilty M’lud; and, I’d like 23,786 other cases to be taken into consideration.

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