Monday, 21 February 2011

Statue of Tea Drinking Queen in Attempt to Move Attention from Cuts

Great, first a Royal wedding set for the summer and now a statue of a Portuguese rosy loving queen. If the first doesn’t take our minds off the wanton destruction of our Welfare State; or, if it fails to recapture that 1950s pro-monarchy spirit that permeate the soul of all Brits, then the second will win us around.

With all that’s going on in the world; especially, with all the cuts turmoil in Lambeth, and Stockwell will be at the front of these cuts; Stand Up for Stockwell decides to run with a story that’s so soft as to sink beneath its own mushy inconsequentiality.

Come on SUS, even I can smell the freshly dug earth under which you’re attempting to bury the bad news of vicious cuts.

Why aren’t you talking about how murderous these cuts will prove to elderly and disabled people, youngsters, and schoolchildren? Explaining that our libraries will become fond memories; how our parks will become venues for dog fighting; that our housing will rot around us; how our front line council staff will have to take on the extra work left by the backroom staff that are going to be made redundant; or, the expected escalation in crime envisaged by the cuts in the police service.

I doubt even the Portuguese will swallow a statue in exchange for the cuts about to visit people in their community.

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