Tuesday, 22 February 2011

TUC March: Disability Access

There is still one month to go before, hopefully, one of the largest demonstrations London has ever seen. The TUC is still in talks with the Met trying to ease the passage of hundreds of thousands, or more, people through the streets of London on March 26th.

Unlike the monster marches against the war a few years ago, today’s London is a very different place. We now have a reactionary Mayor in place whereas back in 2002 and 2003 we had the progressive Livingstone in place. Then we had the July 2007 bombings on London’s public transport system, which moved the government to give the security forces, including the Met, greater powers.

How many of us believe the government or Mayor Johnson or the Met wants a massive anti-government march on 26th March; and so, they'll be doing their utmost to make life difficult for us.

While I hope we can get coaches in as near as possible to drop off demonstrators maybe it will be a case of disembarking at a few miles from the centre; if it is we must ensure that those who can’t use public transport are ferried in by other means.

The organisers of this march are endeavouring to make the event as inclusive as possible. I’ve never known a march of this, predicted, magnitude to try to reach out to as many people as possible. The TUC is giving out contact details for those who need assistance on the march. For my part I’d take the TUC up on its offer of assistance and go to ‘contact page’ and email your requirements.


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