Sunday, 15 April 2012

Gripes and Sour Grapes Over a Football Game

On Chelsea's spectacular win over Tottenham today, Jason on Facebook thinks that "they dont deserve to go through tonight in my eyes just for the dispicable actions tonight let alone the totally unfair game tonight!! well pisses me off that chelsea was fowling tottenham all over the place and the ref did nothing"

Chelsea footballers holding a silence for the dead of Hillsborough
at today's FA Cup semi-final against Tottenham at Wembley

Those Chelsea fans that ignored the request for a few moments silence are despicable. Sadly, such things happen among groups within a fan base; and there is little the club can do. I'm sure if the club could identify the idiots who ignored the call for silence they would deal with them harshly.

As for Chelsea not deserving to win; come on, the score speaks for itself. Spurs received three yellow cards to Chelsea's two; both sides recorded eight fouls apiece. I watched the game, and it wasn't a particularly dirty match. Bellyaching about the ref letting fouls go by for one side over the other is the age old sour grapes of the loser.

In the end, whether the second Chelsea goal was a goal or not, Chelsea won by a large margin. Doubtlessly Tottenham have had dubious decisions go their way in the past; and I'm sure in the future they'll earn a goal or a penalty via a dodgy ref's decision; but hey, that's part of the flow and go of the game. I seem to recall England being given a similar decision some years ago; after which they went on to win the game and the World Cup, do you regard them as unworthy winners too, Jason?

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