Sunday, 22 April 2012

Save Remploy Public Meeting - 26 April 2012

Dear Comrade

Remploy is proposing to close 36 of its factories before the summer is over. These closures will include all three remaining sites in London. Since the last round of closures, 4-years ago, some 80-85% of those made redundant are still out of work.

The hundreds of Disabled Remploy factory workers who find themselves jobless come August, if the closures go ahead, will find it even more difficult to find work than it was in 2008. Most fear long periods of unemployment.

We must do our best to help our Remploy Comrades to keep their plants open.

On Thursday 26th March at 6.30 pm the Remploy Unions in London are holding a 'Save Remploy' public meeting. This will be a meeting with a slight difference in that the top table will be filled with Remploy workers present and past. They will tell you, the audience, their stories. How working in Remploy gives them self-esteem and a sense of being part of a greater work community.

Comrade, please come along to Faraday House, 48-51 Old Gloucester Street, Holborn, London, WC1N 3AE - it's opposite Unite the Union's office car park.

In the struggle

Seán McGovern

Secretary of Unite's L&E 1971 Remploy Branch

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