Tuesday, 25 September 2012

ATOS is a Capitalist Organisation First and Foremost

French, British, American, Japanese, Chinese...
who actually cares?
Reader, what has ATOS being a French company got to do with anything? Would we feel better about ATOS if it was British, or American? ATOS is a capitalist organisation, which means its first and last loyalty is to its profit margin. Using French imagery to denigrate ATOS is a distraction.


What point is being made by associating ATOS with French-ness? As we are aware, ATOS is now identified by a great many in a negative light. Indeed, up to recently if you Googled ATOS healthcare the first site that came up was 'ATOS Kills'!


When I come before ATOS either for the WCA, if I lose my job, or for a PIP medical sometime in the near future, I will not be measuring ATOS' incompetence and greed in national terms; as I doubt do the scores of thousands who ATOS continues to fail.


Let's condemn, attack and beat ATOS on its failings to disabled people, not on some simplistic national connection.   

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