Thursday, 20 September 2012


I agree with all the descriptions of McKenzie penned on many blogs and emanating from the mouths of decent people everywhere, but especially women and men from Liverpool. The man is a disgrace to humanity.

However, aren't the tactics used by Alex Thompson exactly the same as those used by Scum reporters. That McKenzie is a bully there is no doubt. In fact he reacted the way most bullies do when the balance of power is switched; that is he tried to run (drive) away from the threat.

If an outsider watched the video clip without any sound, the good guy could very easily be mistaken for a bully himself.

My point is that the Sun, Mail, et al are the real bullies. Whether it is misreporting, through hateful lies, the circumstances the deaths of the 96 people at Hillsborough, and in doing so smashing through the grief of thousands; or demonising disabled people to such an extent we are experiencing unprecedented levels of violence, this is their modus operandi.

Channel 4 is a decent media organisation; it does not need to resort to door-stepping scum like McKenzie. Let's leave those kind of reporting tyactics to the likes of McKenzie and his acolytes.     

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