Monday, 24 September 2012

Trespassing Scum versus Elitist Yahoos

A group of anti-tax dodging activists decide to hold an impromptu award ceremony to coincide with a big thank you bash arranged by the filthy rich for the even filthier former head of HMRC, Dave Hartnett.

Hartnett during his tenure as top honcho at HMRC, or the tax office to the rest of us, showed great generosity to the likes of Vodaphone, Goldman Sachs, to name but a couple. Letting Vodaphone off paying a whopping £8 billion!

The group, who go by the name of 'We are the intruders', looked and sounded the part, togged up in black tie with crystal cut accents. However, as their praises for the friend-to-the-filthy-rich became more blatant, so a couple of the cannier diners cottoned on; with one particularly nasty gobshite threatening to set the dogs on them. Another spat out 'trespassing scum' - probably works near St Pauls and gets his rocks off at weekends watching foxes torn to pieces by a pack of hounds.

Trespassing scum? As opposed to tax-dodging-child-starving-youth-aspiration-stealing-disabled-benefits-robbing-NHS-closing-welfare-state-smashing bastards...

Give me the trespassing scum every time.

It is great to see the great and the good in their true light; how exactly they view the rest of us, the 99%, who aren't multi millionaires.

Last week we had the government's Chief Whip, Andrew Mitchell, calling police officers, who guard Downing Street, 'fucking plebs' (this a few days after two women police officers were brutally murdered in Manchester) because he was asked to a use a side gate, an exit more convenient both for the officers involved and security purposes.

In many ways I am pleased that the dinner guest at the HMRC boss's leaving party and his close relation, Mitchell, are speaking in this way about those they perceive to be inferior. The more the merrier. Let's have more accusations of pleb and scum directed at us. Hopefully they'll broaden out, 'chavs', low-life, working class drudges, riff-raff, rubbish, detritus, shit...maybe, sub-human.

The more the privileged open their mouths and minds in our direction the greater the opposition to them will become. The working classes will only tolerate this kind of abuse for so long. Cameron and his cadre of millionaire and billionaire Bullingdon Club Yahoos are an anachronism; one which we should have done away with decades ago. 

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