Sunday, 26 January 2014

An ‘Agenda of Hope’

This poem is in response to Owen Jones' promise to pen an 'Agenda of Hope' in tomorrow's Independent to counter this government's 'Agenda of Fear'.

An ‘Agenda of Hope’

An ‘Agenda of Hope’ that flies
In the face of all those lies
Half-truths and social dividing
This government’s good at providing.

An ‘Agenda of Hope’ that the press
Take on board and confess
To the lies about austerity
Which they’ve spread with dexterity.

An ‘Agenda of Hope’ that has TV
Presenting the facts for us to see
Without distorting situations
Just to increase viewing populations.

An ‘Agenda of Hope’ that sees us disabled
As humans not to be labelled
Cheats, liars or a waste of breath
Only good to be done to death.

An ‘Agenda of Hope’ that values human life
An agenda to abolish poverty and strife
That puts an end to the torment
Of us, the ninety-nine per cent.

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