Thursday, 9 January 2014

Seán McGovern's Unite Executive Election Nomination Address

Unite the Union Executive Council Elections 2014-17
Re-election of Seán McGovern to the Disability Sector
Branch: L&E 785 Membership Number: 14171043

Dear Colleague

Here’s a little about bit about me, I’m Seán McGovern, a disabled trade unionist; active in the movement for decades and am seeking your support for the election to the Unite Executive as the Disability Rep, a position I’ve held since its introduction two years ago.

To earn a living I work in the voluntary sector as a direct payments worker which gives me a day-to-day link with disabled people and their issues. I’m also the workplace rep, chair of Unite’s Disabled Members’ Committee, co-chair of the TUC’s Disabled Workers’ Committee and sit on the TUC General Council as the disability rep.

As this government implements greater and more vicious cuts and restrictions on disabled people so there is a greater need for effective fighting back trade unions to protect our rights both inside and outside the workplace.
Over the past years Unite has proved itself a fighting back and democratic union. As a United Left member of Unite, I am proud to have defended and fought for disabled members in the following areas:

·       Producing toolkits to assist workplace reps with mental health in the workplace;
·       Assisting members to receive proper levels of Access to Work;
·       Holding education courses on Negotiating for Reasonable Adjustments in the Workplace;
·       Introducing Disability Policy into Terms and Conditions;
·       Fighting to uphold the right to disability leave;
·       Training members to become Equalities Reps and fighting for statutory rights for these reps;
·       Promoting greater publicity for British Sigh Language (BSL);
·       Promoting Unite’s disability ‘wishlist’ for the Labour Party election manifesto with Liam Byrne from the Shadow DWP;
·       Organising and participating in the massive TUC demonstrations in 2011 & 2012;
·       Giving Unite a greater voice in the disability movement by working with and supporting groups such as DPAC and TUDA; as well as becoming involved with the Peoples’ Assemblies and Unite’s Community Branches.

If elected back onto the Executive I will carry on fighting for equality and justice for disabled people inside and outside the workplace; and I will continue ensure Unite remains a members’ led democratic union. 

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