Friday, 1 May 2015

A Left-moving SNP

The Guardian brings up the SNP's role in bringing down Callaghan's Labour government in 1979. Of course as we know this heralded in Margaret Thatcher and her toxic brand of neo-liberal economics.

Come on people that was 36 years ago. Over that period we have seen the Labour Party move more and more to the right. Who would ever have thought a Labour government would act the aggressor and invade Iraq?

By 2014 SNP had moved further to the Left than the modern Labour Party. The SNP now back what are considered Socialist policies such as scrapping Trident. It has defended disabled people by promoting the very social policies that should be the preserve of Labour.

By moving to the Left the SNP has captured the Zeitgeist of the Scottish Referendum. Even if it political expediency; so what, it is working.

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