Sunday, 3 May 2015

In a Country...

In a Country...

In a country of plenty we’ve got food banks
A parasitic royal family whose only thanks
Is to continue scrounging from the civil list
Poncing our hard earned taxes hand over fist.

In a country ranked sixth richest on earth
It’s a criminal shame to observe the dearth
Of facilities and services afforded the young
Yet corrupt City bankers still get their bung.

In a country where we see fabulous wealth
Ill-gotten by privilege, cheating and stealth
Where ordinary people are forced to pay tax
While rich tax dodgers live off their backs.

In a country that ignores the poor and needy
And instead makes life plush for the greedy
Thus allowing this class to rule with ease
As they push the working class to its knees.

In a country with such massive social divide
Don’t be surprised if there isn’t a nationwide
Uproar against all those who keep us down
The Tories, scum press, bankers and Crown.

In a country where all privilege is now dead
This is truly a place that sees we’re all fed
Where you head to work with a cheery smile

To a decent job that makes work worthwhile.

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