Thursday, 28 May 2015

Get Harry Leslie Smith Speaking to the Undecided

Like countless other Labour Party members I have great respect for Harry Leslie Smith. Harry is inspirational, a veritable crucible keeping the flame of the true Labour Party and its values alight. Were it that there were more people of his mettle leading our party.

However, on reading the piece in the OP, I felt the need to question the sense of sending an ambassador of Harry’s standing on such an election mission. Harry visited some 50 cities, towns and villages speaking at what appear to be a wide range of gigs.

Yet, Harry, follow link above to article, appears to have been preaching to the converted, existing Labour supporters:

“Everyone I talked to had a different life experience but each person I spoke with held similar beliefs when it came to what type of government they wanted to lead Britain. They wanted a Labour government that could help maintain a strong and diverse economy but protected the rights of workers.”

He appears to have been addressing Labour supporters, which in my view is not the best use of someone of Harry’s very real campaigning skills. He goes on to expand on the concerns he encountered from Labour supporters:

“Not one person I spoke with, during the election, thought Labour was being led astray by trade unions or that they had a negative influence on its policies. The concerns of those diverse but ordinary Labour supporters were about the real threats Britain’s economy and society faces from unbridled corporations’ intent on earning profit for their shareholders but refusing to contribute to the upkeep of British society by paying fair taxation to the Treasury.”
Harry would have been better deployed speaking to the undecided, those uncommitted.

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