Sunday, 4 May 2014

BBC: Sack Clarkson Now!

Ask yourself the question, why was Jeremy Clarkson recorded reciting a nursery rhyme? His actions are those of a not particularly bright school boy, the one who as he coughed shouted 'wanker'; who when confronted by the teacher then claimed he had only coughed. While the lad courts the laughs and guffaws of other school boys; Clarkson's remarks are more sinister as they pander to the racist elements amongst his TV fans and readers of rags such as the Sun and Mail. 

A couple of wankers maybe, but they are dangerous wankers who have a public stage from which they can propagate their nasty and vicious right wing agendas
Clarkson has been acting the cunt for years, sailing ever closer to the wind just to see how far he ca push the envelope of accepted behaviour. Slagging off people of various nations is a favoured pastime. But of course all carried out within a context.

The context, of course, being the Clarkson context bluff no-nonsense uttering made by a laddish TV presenter which renders racist and xenophobic words and statements as harmless and disposable jocularity.
Likewise jibes about lorry drivers killing prostitutes; or shooting bus drivers in the face; or even that public sector strikers should be shot in front of their families. Just Jeremy being Jeremy.

Now Nigel Farage of the crackpot UKIP Party is defending the BBC presenter’s use of the word nigger as merely "just typical" of Clarkson.  

OK Farage, in which case you’ll not object if I state that you’re a racist and xenophobic bigot leading a party which is in reality the Waffen SS wing of the Conservative Party composed, for the greater part of scumbags, assorted sociopaths, oddballs, misfits and crackpots – these being the better elements.

I’m sure you won’t mind, after all its "just typical" of me to wander too close to the borders of offensiveness.

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