Friday, 9 May 2014

Parking Bay Squatters

Things have been going swimmingly with my move. All the boxes emptied and contents stored away. BT phone and BB up and running. TV reception excellent. The place feels like home.

At first I thought having a car parking space outside my flat, effectively my own car port. Prior to moving a red BMW driver had taken the spot as his own free parking bay. My housing officer managed to have a friendly word and he ceased parking there.

Since Wednesday several cars have taken advantage of my PAs going about their business in my car and parked up when they’ve spotted it vacant. On one occasion the car was parked so far back that I couldn’t get around it in my wheelchair; thus I was effectively trapped in my home – fortunately this inconsiderate person didn’t park for too long.

What happens when someone parks up for the weekend and I’m trapped in my home? Or if I can’t get out of my home to get to work?

Sadly it’s Friday night and my housing office won’t be open until Monday morning. In order that they’re aware of the situation I’ve sent them a lengthy email requesting that the landlord fixes a lockable folding parking post at the end of my parking bay to put a stop to squatting drivers.
Simple solution to parking bay squatters

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  1. A few years back, a friend of mine used to have a pad of large post-its that had the standard wheelchair logo plus a pithy phrase about denying disabled access. He took much pleasure in wobbling up to the cars on his crutches and putting a sticker in the middle of the windscreen.