Sunday, 25 May 2014

IDS Covers Up Yet Another Failure

He's hiding yet another failure. IDS's life is a succession of failures. He lied when he claimed he had studied at Perugia University; he failed in the army where he was known as Iain Drunken-Smith; and of course he flopped as the leader of the Conservative Party.

Iain Duncan-Smith, liar and failure of the first degree - the prerequisites of a good Tory Minister
Smith is hiding the fact that his string of failures has increased with his idea of a Universal Credit failed. He won’t admit what most people in the disability and anti-austerity movement knew from the very inception of this crackpot idea.

There is nothing fundamentally wrong with a universal benefits’ system. Anything that takes the bureaucracy out of our benefits’ system and instils it with some ease of use and, as importantly, fairness, should be supported. However, IDS’s idea of a universal credit was not to create ease for the claimant but rather as a punitive measure that stigmatises the very act of benefit claiming making it so difficult to access that only the desperate would bother.

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