Thursday, 22 May 2014

Suppliers' Demands

So, just when I think everything is hunky dory at chez Seán another load of hassle. An email from my energy supplier informing me that “…an objection to the electricity transfer has been raised by your current supplier.”

The fact is that I’ve only just moved into the property and signed up to a new energy supplier at the same time. Yet there is an assumption by energy companies that new tenants somehow know the previous occupants of the property. For instance when I tell my supplier I haven’t a Scooby as to the name of my predecessor they generally sound quite surprised.

But why would I know the person who occupied my new drum prior to my occupancy? They then ask whether my landlord knows the previous tenant. Of course the landlord knows who lived here prior to my moving in. However, why would the landlord know from whom their tenants purchase energy?

This next bit is quite worrying. 

Unfortunately, an objection to the electricity transfer has been raised by your current supplier. An objection can be raised for a number of reasons, so don’t worry. Your current supplier may have already contacted you regarding this, but if they haven’t we would advise you to contact them to discuss the reason for the objection.”

First my supplier, who know that I’m new to the property and have no idea who supplies energy to my home, insists on speaking in terms of ‘Your current supplier…’ (no pun meant), as though I had any say in the matter.

Then I’m told an objection to the transfer has been made. On questioning my supplier as to the nature of the objection I’m reliably informed that ‘my current supplier’ (honestly no pun intended) is not obliged to name the objection.

Look, it matters not a jot to me what the previous tenant got up to in the privacy of his or her, now my, crib. But isn't the idea of energy companies raising objections without offering up an explanation a bit strong? 

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