Saturday, 11 April 2015

Californian Sheriff Deputies Violently Attack an Unarmed Incapacitated Man

A helicopter captures on video a mounted man who is trying to evade the police. According to police sources, Francis Pusok, 30, had stolen the horse, according to the police, to assist in avoiding arrest for identify theft.

Footage from a helicopter camera clearly shows Pusok, in red, falling from the horse. Two law enforcement officers then come into view. Each officer is pointing a taser gun. Which explains Pusok’s fall from the horse.

The video shows us Pusok picking himself up and running away. He stumbles; and falling again remains face down on the ground. This does not stop one officer tasering him from a distance of about 5 feet. Tasered Puzok then places his hands behind his back. This in any language is a sign of surrender. Pusok knows the game’s up; it’s a fair cop, guvnor.

Not so for these brave boys in blue. No, instead they begin a savage attack. First one beats him about the head with the taser gun; then both proceed to punch and kick the defenceless runaway.

During a period lasting more than two minutes 11 law enforcement officers join the game. The scene resembles a pack of animals finishing off their prey. The assaulters deliver 37 punches, 17 kicks, 4 baton strikes and 11 blows to the head – no mention of initial attacks where taser guns were used as bludgeons.

Next up pops San Bernardino County Sheriff McMahon who confesses he hasn’t watched all the footage. Why not Sheriff? This is a piece of footage under five minutes long. Why call a press conference if you can’t discuss the issues critical to this situation, namely the viciousness of your officers.

However, McMahon does find the video ‘disturbing’. He goes on to say: “If any sheriff went too far in this arrest they will be held accountable.” His failure to watch the complete video of the incident allows the Sheriff McMahon to couch his responses in such away. For the rest of the world who took the trouble to sit through the entire five-minute footage, there is no ‘if’.

These officers confronted a fugitive. The use of taser gun/s on the fugitive ensured he was debilitated enough to be restrained and arrested. The man even brought his hand behind his back inviting restraint. The violence meted out to Francis Pusok from this point on was gratuitous and sadistic. The perpetrators of this violent attack should have the full force of the law brought upon them. Rather than custodians of the law they have taken the law into their own hands and in a two minute frenzy of violence tried and judged Pusok.

Despite the vicious attack, Pusok is still alive. The same can’t be said for all too many African Americans who, with a sickening regularly, we see being executed by US law enforcement officers.

Sadly this is a trend that is creeping across the Atlantic as we saw with Mark Duggan a few years ago; and with the assassination of Jean Charles de Menendez and the Robocop who murdered newspaper seller Ian Tomlinson.

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