Monday, 20 April 2015

Pain Tells You That You’re Still Alive

Pain Tells You That You’re Still Alive

It’s quarter to three,
In the morning,
Yet persistently
Pain carries on;
And on.
Relentlessly stabbing me
With its fiery blades.
Whichever way I try to turn
It beats me to the punch
Getting there first
To claim its right of tenure.
Like a squatter,
But, without good cause,
Pain thumbs its nose
At the authority
Of my ownership
To the muscle,
Bone and nerves
It has taken
Deep residence within.
A common truism
States that pain,
Though a pain,
Tells you:
“You’re alive!”
“Great”, I growl,
“It’s now 3 am,
I know I’m alive,
As you’ve been
Telling me
All day long.
Now go,
And come back later,
If you feel the need
To further remind me
That I’m still alive!”

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