Monday, 20 April 2015

More Tory Hypocrisy

The DUP helped prop up John Major’s Conservative government during the 1990s. In 2015 David Cameron is wooing the DUP in order to form a government. This is hardly news or ground-breaking politics. After all the full name of the party we call the Tories is: The Conservative and Unionist Party. And the DUP’s 6-or so seats may tip the balance in a few weeks.

But it’s Cameron’s rank hypocrisy that needles.

“The prospect of a Labour government propped up by the SNP is a "match made in hell", David Cameron has warned.”

The Tory Party, or to afford it its correct handle the Conservative and Unionist Party, is crying foul at the prospect of a Labour/SNP coalition. Was it really just over 6-months ago that the same PM was campaigning hell-for-leather to keep the Scots within the union? The same politician who made promise after promise, assurance upon assurance that our Caledonian cousins would fare better within GB than outside?

Well, he got his wish. Despite the fact many Scots are unhappy over the referendum result they remain part of the UK. However, Cameron is now complaining that even though Scotland remains an integral component of the union it doesn’t somehow deserve the right to be part of any government running the country.

Where were the wails of ‘Foul!’ when the DUP helped to prop up John Major’s moribund government in the mid-90s? Perfectly OK for a bunch of right-wing sectarian bigots (spot the difference) to have an influence on English politics; indeed to give sustenance to what was almost a corpse. But when the SNP look as though they may get to have influence in Westminster Cameron’s bottom lip begins to quiver.

My hope is that on May 7th this Tory junta is well and truly trounced at the ballot box and that the oleaginous Cameron slides back under the rock he inhabited pre-2010.

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