Saturday, 25 April 2015

Swearing gets the thumbs up!

Whether swearing, the use of expletives, profanity, cursing, cussing, dirty language, using bad language, swearing like a trooper, or being a toilet mouth is generally frowned upon. People who express themselves through swear-words are often considered loutish; they can't articulate beyond the profane or are not very bright.

Not so it would appear. Some studies recently completed argue that swearing can actually be healthy and in addition stimulate emotional strength. Which flies in the face of the commonly held belief that swearing is the preserve of the ignorant or 'lower classes'.

In all honesty I have never held with the notion that cursing is somehow indicative of a narrow vocabulary; that people who swear because their access is limited to a but small pool of words. A friend of mine who is a fairly accomplished writer literally swears like a trooper. He uses the word 'fuck' as a means of emphasizing; and the fact he has a fairly 'posh' accent gives greater weight to his use of expletives.

The part of the article that tickles my fancy is its claim that firing off a mouthful of foul language can actually assist with pain management. As someone who makes regular use of profanity in its multifarious forms and who effusively expresses himself via execration and expletive, I have to own to not finding this form of verbal communication assistive in pain relief. Except during the tirade itself there is an unspoken suspension of pain. However, on completion of the volley of abuse services return to normal as pain takes up its rightful place - in my brain.    

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