Saturday, 30 March 2013


According to its Facebook blurb:

"Firebox: at the heart of a new left.

A cultural space, a meeting place, a venue for training, education and events; plus its a gorgeous sunlit cafe and media centre, right in the heart of central London."

Why in 2013 is the Left still excluding disabled people. Firebox opened last year, in 2012. It opened without making the premises accessible to disabled people, and wheelchair users like myself. Considering the Left is the progessive wing of politics it lets itself down when it excludes disabled comrades.

Things such as adapted toilets are a necessity for many of us when we go out to socialise. Firebox couldn't function if it opened without 'normal' toilets; but unless a disabled person takes the time and effort of bringing a case of non-compliance against the establishment, it can carry on ignoring our needs.

Originally I did email Firebox hopefully to speak to them on a one-to-one basis; but getting no response I thought I'd make the issue public.

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