Monday, 25 March 2013

How Many Cuts' Groups Do We Need?

"The reason Sean McGovern that DPAC has been 'taken over' is because you (and others) are keeping their distance. Come and join us, be counted and make a difference!"

The truth Sandy is I cannot compete with time and physical energy. Instead of us having one Cuts organisation, a new one is formed every time a new cutback arises. Thus meetings pile upon meetings which suits the way the SWP operates.

We don't need a separate bedroom tax group. Why isn't this vicious attack on our class being fought against a yet another attack on our Welfare State. I get dizzy trying to keep up with the different groups that have formed over the past few years.

It's as though five Left people walk into a meeting and six new groups emerge.

Back in 2008 shouts of 'Capitalism is Dead!' could be heard echoing around Left circles. A couple of banks were partly nationalised and it was as though the ghost of Clem Attlee was amongst us. Five years down the line, and what? The banks are fat with reserves (our deficit); the rich still cheat on their taxes; and neo-liberalism basks in the wealth it has stolen from the 99%.

The rich may have their differences, but they focus on the important things; that is ensuring the poor are kept that way. Why the fuck can't we take a leaf from their book and begin focusing on issues instead of creating division...


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