Friday, 1 March 2013

Hicks Demands Hustings (three years too late)

Why would Jerry Hicks' achieving the necessary number of nominations to get him onto the ballot paper shock anyone? Jerry is a seasoned election campaigner, in my estimation he has been electioneering now for around 6-years (almost non-stop). Jerry's quest for the 'big job' in first Amicus and now Unite has the quality of The Man Who Would Be King about it.


However, when we strip back the David and Goliath analogy things aren't quite so one-sided as Jerry would have us believe.


In the first instance, Jerry has one resource none of his previous, or present, opponents had, that is all the time in the world to commit to electioneering.


Hicks has also got the entire membership of the SWP and their funding on which to fall back - as well as donations from branches (one gave him £1000). Again, a not inconsiderable resource.


McCluskey on the other hand has a union to head up. Sure, he attends meetings, but these are carried out in his own time; unlike Hicks who can call and attend meetings any time of the day.


"I issue a challenge to Len McCluskey to set up regional hustings so that Unite members could here what the two candidates had to offer."


Why Jerry? So you can do another runner? Remember September 2010 in Manchester when you lost your bottle and ran away from those hustings. I do; and so do hundreds of others.

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