Friday, 29 March 2013

Too Many Cuts Campaigns

Every time we set up another cuts campaign group we run the risk of overlooking other items in the cuts agenda. Sure, come out in protest about the bedroom tax; but do it as part of the larger cuts agenda.

The Left needs one centralised cuts campaign from which radiate the bedroom tax, council tax charges, universal credit, WCA, Workfare, benefits sanctions, the introduction of PIP, etc - hope I didn't miss any out, but you get my drift.

Each time a new campaign group is formed it adds another tranche of meetings to people's already crammed diaries. The Movement is so full of competing cuts campaign groups with people trying to involve themselves too thinly, that there is a danger of burnout amongst leading activists; and we need leaders.

While the political right isn't as cohesive a bloc as it would like to be, it does have a common bond, a focal point that drives it as a group, namely greed. The right succeeds because what binds it is more important than that which divides.

Let us a Left Movement put aside ideological differences, some emanating from the dark mists of the early 20th century. Instead, move forward as the 99% and focus our energies on destroying capitalism and in particular the virulent neo-liberalism that is destroying our class.    


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