Monday, 25 March 2013

Then Distance Yourself From The SWP, Jerry

"I received and accepted support from them well before I became aware of the recent allegations about sexual misconduct." So states Jerry Hicks on accusations that he is supported by the SWP, an organisation that suppresses rape allegations, therefore condones such actions.

Strange this, since stories of sexual abuse being carried out by a leading member of the SWP were in the public domain since 7th December 2012 - - namely on Socialist Unity; and far from being a five-minute wonder the thread excited 427 responses.

Jerry, since early December there have been dozens of threads and stories about rape allegations at the top of the SWP. Indeed there was an entire transcript from an SWP conference that graphically demonstrated the whitewash carried out by the SWP's CC in defending its leadership against a young woman's rape claim.

Here we have a white male dominated middle class organisation that coerced a susceptible member of its ranks to keep things under wraps, or in the words of a leading SWP woman (Sara B): "Comrades, we have to welcome the fact that we have a disputes committee. We have no faith in the bourgeois court system to deliver justice."

Jerry, you claim to have "...received and accepted support from them well before I became aware of the recent allegations about sexual misconduct." Are you seriously telling us that you had no inkling of the rape, let's not hide behind euphemisms such as 'sexual conduct', claims before the SWP formally backed your candidature recently?

Because Jerry, if you stick to this line, you're either being disingenuous or you're a liar.

The stories of rapes by leading members of the SWP have been in the common domain now since late last year. Why do you think the SWP is haemorrhaging members. Why do you think it has provoked scores of stories on the Internet and in the press?

You knew full well back in January when the SWP gave you its kiss of death of the allegations that abounded. Yet jerry, you decided to accept the resources of this discredited organisation. But anyway, had it been the case you learned late in the day. You could still have distanced yourself from an organisation that allows mates of the accused rapist investigate his guilt.

So, if as you state "...the idea of violence against women makes me sick." why allow an organisation who appear indifferent to violence against women to support and fund your candidature for GS of Unite?

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