Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Don't Tell Us

Don't Tell Us


Don’t tell us cuts must be made

While blatantly your class is paid

Ten or twenty times average pay

Giving truth to the fat cat cliché.


Don’t deign to lecture us on thrift

While you produce a seismic shift

In the very fabric of our social lives

Gutting our welfare with your knives.


Don’t state you’re not trying to sell

Our welfare state to your own cartel

Of plutocrats and merchant bankers

Or, as seen by us corrupted wankers.


Don’t tell us there’s no other way

For us to keep the wolves at bay

Filth that makes you want to squirm

Cameron and his Bullingdon firm.


Don’t tell us we’re in this together

Your sleazy words aren’t so clever

For you to perpetrate your crime

And catch us wanting every time.


Don’t think that you’ve got the right

To impose destruction without a fight

It’ll be our turn soon to revenge our loss

By Sweeping clean your Coalition dross.  

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