Monday, 8 April 2013

"George Osborne Insists Public Back Government's Welfare And Benefit Reforms"

"George Osborne Insists Public Back Government's Welfare And Benefit Reforms"
To the question posed by the Huffington Post, 'Is George Right?'

Sadly yes he is. A majority of people in this country agree that there is a deficit and the only way to deal with this is through cutting back on welfare. This is hardly surprising a country where the right control the press; where the politics of the individual, dating from Thatcher, presides over much of our society; where, even when confronted with the crisis in capitalism (the near collapse of the banking system) five years ago people are still willing to believe our financial and economic failings stem from overspend in the public sector.

In such a selfish society is it surprising that a majority (though this is shrinking month by month) still support the government's austerity drive; and especially the part that roots out and scapegoats the old favourites: you know single mothers, feckless disabled people, the careerist unemployed, people living on council estates, benefits' recipients etc.

But, as this government pushes more and more of its vicious policies through; as those who currently agree with the government lose their jobs; as they encounter the benefits' system; or, as they access an NHS that increasingly fails them, then we'll see a change in attitude.

This is controversial, but what the fuck I'll say it. There are not enough people hurting yet in this country to get a majority groundswell of anti-cuts opinion. Osborne's criminal 'management' of the economy will, in my view, become worse over the next year; the unemployment figures will rise; and more and more people will discover for themselves the reality of the 'fairness' and 'generosity' of the benefits' system.

It will be at this point that a majority of people, and some within the press, will begin to turn against this government's policies.



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