Thursday, 11 April 2013

Glenda Jackson - the good, the bad...

No hypocritical cant from Glenda Jackson when she stood in Parliament yesterday to pay her tribute to Thatcher. No, Jackson exchanged fawning insincerity with a both-barrels attack on Thatcher's years of industrial devastation, welfare slashing, council house selling and general flogging off of the family silver (our oil, BT, utilities etc).

What change in direction from the Hamstead MP who last year suggested her constituents, the Counihan family who were made homeless by their council, to move to Wales.

The Counihans are a couple with five children; and Anthony Counihan, the father, works full time as a bus driver.  Last year the Counihans found themselves early victims of what the rest of the country will soon be experiencing when, due to them paying an exorbitant rent for their home in the private sector ran foul of Housing Benefit capping.

When they approached Glenda Jackson, their MP, she rather unhelpfully suggested the family up sticks and move to Wales!

Well done for yesterday Glenda. Shame on you for your treatment of the Counihans!

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