Thursday, 11 April 2013

Blair was not Thatcher's successor

How much a successor of Thatcher's was Blair? During his tenure of office didn't the following occur:

• devolution to Scotland and Wales,
• abolition of Clause 28,
• introduction of civil partnerships,
• sure start,
• paternity rights,
• improved maternity rights,
• right to TU representation at work,
• statutory route to union recognition,
• protection against unfair dismissal reduced from two years to one year,
• minimum wage,
• expansion of NHS,
• school building programme,
• vast increase in NHS and school staff,
• working time directive,
• working tax credit,
• family credit, etc,
• introduction of a Disability Rights Commission,
• reduction employer exemption from DDA compliance from 20, to 15 to zero,
• Not to mention an end to the war in Ireland, and the start of a meaningful peace process.

Just for the record, I am and was, for his entire leadership, an anti-Blairite. He was shallow, a political opportunist; and sadly, much to the everlasting shame of our party, a war-monger. Yet still he did more good for this country than the disgracefully divisive class enemy, Thatcher.

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