Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Thatcher at the Pearly Gates

Thatcher at the Pearly Gates

Thatcher came knockin’ upon heaven's door,
“Fuck off!” shouted God, “You’re rich not poor.”
“But, my dad was simply a local grocer”,
Said Thatcher as she moved ever closer.

“That’s far enough, stand away from the gate,
You’re full of contagion, riddled with hate;
You’re destined for the other direction,
To that furnace of perpetual correction.”

Looking down she mused, “Why regret?
I’ll be there with Dennis and Pinochet;
My sins will place me on the top level,
Just behind Churchill, close to the Devil .”

So, smiling she turned from her creator,
“God, he’s agin us, fucking liberal traitor”;
Now for those running Hell a word to the wise,
Give her no power or else she’ll privatise!

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