Monday, 3 April 2017

Asylum Seeker Seriously Ill in Hospital

My thoughts are with the young Kurdish Iranian lad who was brutally attacked on Friday night, and his family and friends who must be going through hell.
The teenager was repeatedly beaten around the head and left unconscious by a gang in Croydon. He is now in hospital with a fractured skull and brain haemorrhage, in a serious but stable condition.
Reading this story transported me back 40+ years, when I lay in a coma having suffered a fractured skull resulting in a brain haemorrhage. Like this young man I had been attacked by a gang and kicked in the head.
Just as in my case, a few minutes of mindless violence has left another young person clinging onto life. As with me, I hope the youngster pulls through and can make a speedy recovery. 
The other thing that disturbs me about this incident is the fact some 20 local people are reported to have witnessed the attack without coming to his assistance.

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