Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Get Rid of May in June

May's decision to go to the country in June has created a do or die situation. We are left with two choices. It's either Labour with the promise of social infrastructure; or the Tory's dream of Offshore UK Ltd, a shitty tax haven dumping ground for rapacious Russian oligarchs, Croesus rich Chinese businessmen, oil rich sheiks, and drug dollar money laundering drug barons.

Labour offers hope of a better life for millions of disabled people. People who have seen the diminution of their benefits and services. Labour offers a £10 per hour living wage. A wage that goes some way to addressing the poverty lived by so many people in the UK. Labour offers free school meals for all children. Putting an end to children coming to school with empty stomachs. Labour offers us an NHS that delivers health care free at the point of need. Labour will take back privatised railway system. A railway system that has since privatisation ratcheted-up fares and cut services. A service that while making a few people wealthy, has brought misery to millions of commuters.

The Conservatives offer a hard Brexit. A Brexit that will see the UK turning its face away from Europe while drifting towards de-regulation. An offshore economy that favours the corporations, the financial sector and the 1% over workers and small business.   

Vote Labour. Get rid of this welfare wrecking-ball of a party.  

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