Friday, 27 May 2011

Direct Action, yes. Reckless behaviour, no!

Was the driver of the bus aware of two people handcuffed to the rear of his vehicle? Can anyone imagine the horror of two protestors being dragged behind a bus; because, I doubt the driver could see the wheelies below window level and in effect in a ‘blind’ position, as they don’t have mirrors there.

While I applaud direct action; and fully agree with the right to a fully integrated and accessible transport system, I don’t agree with what could result in reckless behaviour.

As a trade unionist in a union that organises bus drivers I’ve had some approach me with their concerns on this very issue. No bus driver would drive off knowing there were people attached to his or her bus. And, the ones I spoke to feared that one day someone may carry out this form of protest without their knowing; and, they are terrified of the consequences.

So, may I suggest when you are carrying out this kind of action, please, let the driver know. It isn’t fair to put other workers on the spot like this. 

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