Monday, 9 May 2011

TaxiCard and Freedom Pass Consultations in Lambeth

As part of its ‘Cuts’ programme Lambeth Council has come down hard on disabled Lambeth residents. Not content with the vicious attacks already mounted against us by Central government; Lambeth sees fit to stick the boot in as we try to parry the blows being delivered by the ConDems – anywhere else this would be viewed with outrage and looked upon as kicking someone while they’re down

Late last year Lambeth announced a series of draconian cuts to the TaxiCard Scheme – the only decent door-to-door public transport resource available to many disabled people across the Capital.

However, because Lambeth failed to carry out a full ‘equality impact risk assessment’ before implementing the cuts they’ve suspended the cuts while a full consultation goes out to users.

May I suggest that all TaxiCard users or their representatives follow the link below?

Respond to the questionnaire; don’t let Lambeth off the hook.

TaxiCard is a vital link for disabled people. It affords us the freedom to travel to the places we wish to visit at times we dictate.

Similarly, Lambeth Council is considering making changes to the eligibility criteria for awarding Freedom Passes. While they are bound by certain national qualifying criteria; Lambeth is looking to exclude people with mental health problems, as some within this group do not fulfil the national criteria, and currently receive discretionary awards.

Such exclusion would prove disastrous to many people with mental health conditions. People in this category often depend on networks of friends and family, as well as mental health resources, to get by.

As with TaxiCard some of these resources will be a distance away. Is it right that someone with a mental health issue is denied contact with someone she or he may rely on to function properly? It is neither exaggeration or drama to state that some people will resort to suicide if they feel they’ve been so cut off, so isolated from the very humanity they feel makes their existence bearable.

We must fight with every fibre within us to stop Labour in Lambeth from making cuts to either of these vital services.

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