Sunday, 22 May 2011

Yes, Atos does kill!

On another site someone wrote in defence of Atos Origin the following:

“Guys I would advise caution…. Atos kills no-one! It’s the impact of their assessment that has such diabolical results but the decisions to alter benefits is down to the DWP – that leads to the dispair etc.

We know from people who have worked for Atos, used their systems and been instructed to find in favour of the DWP, that an Atos assessor is a key part of the whole process.

If Atos had any scruples or professional integrity it would point to the short fallings of the computer questionnaire and refuse to operate a system that has such obvious built-in bias. The fact that they continue to assist with an obviously flawed (even the designer of the system believes it is not fit for purpose) system makes them as guilty of the deaths of poorly assessed people as their paymasters the DWP.

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