Tuesday, 10 May 2011

No Such Thing as a Lousy Job!

Funny thing work. Some would have it there’s no such thing as a bad job; especially if you’re a disabled person who feels worthless if not working. When someone tells you they feel suicidal because they can’t get work; and, by not working they consider themselves of less value to society than someone in employment, I begin to reconsider my views on lousy jobs.

Fortunately, the person of whom I’m speaking is receiving medical guidance for his condition – but sadly no prospects of work. Because, as a union rep I’m not qualified to deal with my members’ mental health issues – only offer an ear and signposts, where I can.

Disabled people who can work are all too often poorly qualified for ‘decent’ jobs. Some are failed by the education system; others who acquire disability in adulthood and later life find their previous qualifications and skills inadequate for the type of jobs are able now to tackle.

That disabled people are dependent on third parties to seek out their employment is of course problematic. The third party ‘job placer’, while needing to match work seekers to jobs with a degree of interest and security, still has a different motivation to the person seeking employment.

The ideal we must strive towards is that where the disabled job seekers chances of getting the job fall solely on their qualification to do the job. Once this is determined any exterior factors, such as reasonable adjustments should be considered. Sure, this is an aspiration; and like all aspirations will be subject to doubters and opponents; but, this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t press for a better future.

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