Sunday, 22 May 2011

The Frog and the SWP

“Finally why would the SWP want to attack UNITE LEFT BASSA reps – and our left General Secretary -  and try to undermine this latest deal as it goes to the membership for a ballot vote?”

Martin, there once was a frog, a frog accused by some of lacking judgement, especially where scorpions and snakes were concerned. You see, the frog was a patsy for a sob story, and trusting to a degree of recklessness.

Anyway, one day a scorpion collars the frog just as he’s about to cross the river (which was a result in itself since the frog in question hardly ever crossed the river these days, finding himself quite tied up with business that eliminated most river crossing duties) asking for a lift to the other side.

The frog, a tad cautious, asks the scorpion for an assurance (his word would suffice) that he wouldn’t sting the frog while crossing the water.

“Sting you; don’t be daft, if you go down, why I’d drown too. No, you can rest assured we don’t involve ourselves in the old stinging business these days. On no, reformed characters, that’s us.”

So, froggy, with the scorpion’s promise still ringing in its ears, was quite disconcerted, and feeling more than an incey wincey bit betrayed, when half way across the scorpion stings him. Unable to think of anything remotely funny as he looked into oblivion’s infinite empty space; the frog just managed to gasp an incredulous “Why?” to which the soon to be drowned scorpion shrugged, what passed for his shoulders, and pointed out, in his most honest and matter of fact tone, “It’s me nature, froggy,!”

Martin, to quote Johnny Rotten “...ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated? Goodnight!”



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