Monday, 11 November 2013


If you ever find yourself in doubt
Always be first to get your version out
Trying to mend a flat in the pissing rain
Is a fruitless exercise, a fucking pain.

Don't ever get placed next to doubt
Even though there's a lot of it about
Wherever possible give it a wide berth
I think you'll see my advise has worth.

Wherever there's a chance of doubt
Make a big disturbance, act like a lout;
Though you'll seem odd and even mad
It's better than being depressed and sad.

It lingers and waits its turn does doubt
Just biding its time to catch you out;
Then in like Flynn it makes it play
And once in place it's there to stay.

Now here's my final thought on doubt
It's too easily sown and a git to rout;
Do not ever succumb to the devious,
And never ever admit to any previous! 

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