Monday, 11 November 2013

Thank god...

Thank god people can't hear what I'm thinking
Said this drunken sot after hours spent drinking
And ranting and raving for most of the day
It's a wonder I could hold a thought anyway.

Thank god people can't see into my deepest soul
For I'm ashamed all they'd find is a very dark hole;
And sadly the same goes for that parallel part
Which both artists and medics agree is a heart.

Thank god people don't know the fear that I hold
On the outside I'm brash, and artificially cold;
Yet when the curtain of night drowns out the light
My world becomes awful full of horror and fright.

Thank god people don't all endure the same terrors
They've lived decent lives, not like mine full of errors
So they can carry on with their thoughts without fear
Of hurting or embarrassing all those they hold dear.

Thank god people do not think the way that I do
Otherwise there'd be no variety in our human zoo
For villains, wrong 'uns, the bad and good to reside
We must all go with the flow that's humanity's tide.

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